Don’t call a church leader your spiritual father.

Andrei Shybanov
6 min readOct 17, 2020


Email to believers in Dubai.

You must never call any of the church leaders a spiritual father. A woman by the name Michelle Dineros Binuya has called Jacob a “Spiritual Dad”, writing on your behalf. Here is the quote from her recent post on Facebook:

“Thank you [Jacob] for leading us in Sharjah Ministry and for being our Spiritual Dad”.

Jesus Christ clearly commanded:

And call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven. -Matthew 23:9

This woman has committed three sins. Firstly, she disobeyed Christ by calling Jacob a spiritual father. Secondly, she has written “our spiritual dad” forcing the spiritual fatherhood of Jacob on all of you without your permission. Thirdly, she persecuted me for writing against bible talk and church leaders — she is one of these people who signed Nikki’s form.

She misleadingly called a group which bible talk and church leaders created in Sharjah a “ministry”. They divided you into groups to manage you better. It is never a ministry. The ministry is the work for God; for example, teaching, evangelizing, or healing:

And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry… — Ephesians 4:11

You must never allow anyone to speak on your behalf. Michelle Dineros Binuya has sinned against the Lord by calling Jacob “our Spiritual Dad”, so why would you participate in her sins then?

Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands, nor take part in the sins of others; keep yourself pure. -1 Timothy 5:22

When someone calls your church leaders a spiritual father, they reject the authority of God over you and they force you to follow the church leaders rather than God. The members of the organizations who call their church leaders, pastors or priests a spiritual father, end up in troubles. Don’t follow their path. The members of the church “People’s Temple” called “Father” their pastor by the name Jim Jones. By calling Jim Jones a father, they rejected the authority of God. As a result, Jim Jones requested the members to take a communion, but not with the grape juice. He gave his church members a poison with the flavor of the grape. The members of his church obeyed their father and committed a suicide. The total number of death was 909, a third of them were children. This is the payment for their sin — calling a church leader a “Father”.

You must reject the authority of bible talk and church leaders over you. They like to be called “fathers” to manage you better, contrary to the will of God. Bible talk and church leaders are the illegitimate authority. God has never appoint them over you.

My friend Charles has already rejected their authority over him. Whatever church leaders or Nikki’s people attempt to say or do on his behalf, he is not responsible for their actions anymore. Perhaps, God will forgive him for what bible talk and church leaders have done on his behalf which he might not be even aware of. As long as you are called members of their church, you will be responsible for the actions of bible talk and church leaders who act as your representatives. Their sins are your sins.

Bible talk and church leaders claim that whatever people publicly say, they do not represent the church leaders and their doctrine but only share their own opinion. John Oakes made this misleading statement in his article which I have already shared with you previously:

My role is to support what the leaders are doing, even when I do not completely agree with what they are doing. — John Oakes

Jacob Kuruvilla replied in his email on 5 November 2019:

That article is the personal experience and viewpoint of the author. — Jacob Kuruvilla

Do you believe Jacob? Does John Oakes travels land and see to share his personal experiences? Does he write his books and articles to share his viewpoint? No, John Oakes travels and writes books to teach people. He influences people with his writings, just like any other writer does. It happened to be that John Oakes is a false apostle because what he writes is false.

So with Michelle Binuya, do not be deceived! She writes what is not her personal opinion or viewpoint but she reveals the demonic doctrine widespread among you. If church leaders will tell you that her writing is only her personal viewpoint, then you must know: they are covering up their demonic doctrine.

The work of the Antichrist is to pervert the teaching of Christ and replace it with their own. In the same letter, Jacob replied:

Please feel free to write me personally if you need any further personal clarifications…

Do not write or speak to your church leaders personally regarding the widespread false teachings among you. You must bring the false teachings to the public, so others will be aware of it. The Christ is the vine and you are the branches. When Arun has written a below statement in year 2019, he did not share his personal opinion or viewpoint but he revealed the demonic doctrine which they adhere to. You must abhor their demonic doctrine and reject their illegitimate authority over you:

“In the book of John, we hear Jesus stating that He is the Vine/Stem and we are the branches. Regardless of all the power and authority Paul had, He too, is just a branch. There are many more parts to a grapevine such as the roots, shoots, the cordons, the arms, the canes and leaves. While it is true that Jesus spoke of only the Vine and the branches, He was speaking of being united with Him and anyone not joined with Him will be cut off. He didn’t specify all the other parts because it is only logical to assume that every other part is joined to one of these two parts Jesus spoke of ie: the Vine and the branches. Nutrients (Gods traits) flow from the Stem to the branches and then to the arms, cordons, canes and to the leaves. It doesn’t flow from the Vine directly to the leaves. There is a specific path that is followed. So the power, strength, wisdom all come from God (the stem) and flow through the leaders/deacons etc (the branches arms, cordons and leaves) through sermons and preaching down to the people who are the smallest parts (the canes). And don’t forget, it is the smallest parts that bear the actual fruit (grapes) but play a major role in advancing the Kingdom”. — Arun Naidu

Arun compared you in his writing to the smallest parts of the tree, even smaller than the leaves. It is important to note, leaves are not directly attached to the vine but only branches. Jesus is clear — you are the branches. The work of the Antichrist among you is to cut you off from the body of Christ and attach you to the bible talk and church leaders. Arun is obviously wrong in his email, but at the end of the same email, he wrote me that there is no way that what he has written is incorrect:

“I spent the most of my work hours listening to your recording and made sure I could supply you with the right scriptures and answers to the points you raised. And these are not things I made up in my head. They are taken from the Bible. I’ve referred you to Biblical scripture so there is no way that what I’ve written is incorrect. If you believe it is wrong then all that is left for me to do for you would be to pray”.

Also, Arun writes:

“Don’t forget, these are the very elders who started the Church here, much before you even came to know Christ, that you are now targeting and calling the “Enemy”. They are the ones God chose to establish His kingdom in a foreign land since 1999. And you are trying to dismantle what God started to build”.

Dear friends, do not trust you bible talk and church leaders. They did not start the Church but they led people away from Christ with their demonic doctrine:

And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. -Matthew 16:18

They did not build up the temple but Jesus did:

Jesus answered them, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” -John 2:19

Bible talk and church leaders will receive their reward in full. Christ has built his Church on truth and love, but church leaders have builded his organization on falsehood and violence.

Kind regards,




Andrei Shybanov

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